RAINING – lino print

Throughout this journey that consists of my practice – usage of matierals are important. I think it matters that I experiment with a range of mateirsl to create different layers and textures.

Printmaking has always been a passion of mine but it has taken a little back seat this year. I decided to create a lino print as it is one my favourite printings techniques and also one of the simplest. I had this vision to create a really large scale print but with the same plate printed over and over again. Although the idea of printmaking is to repeat the same image exactly the same over and over again – I don’t usually follow this rule when printing.

However, the process of repetition within printmaking is something that I do enjoy. I don’t know if it is just my OCD kicking in or it just makes me feel relaxed etc but there is a definite relaxing quality to it for me. For this print I had envisioned in my head, like i mentioned earlier it was massive! I think the large scale within my work is what is important also. If it was small I don’t think it would create the same impact that it does when it’s large. The larger it is makes it harder for the audience to escape and thats the way it should be for my work. I do not want people to be able to escape easily because if only it was that easy to escape depression and other mental illnesses. It is always going to be there. I want the audience to be overwhelmed and perhaps have a mix of emotions.





I chose to continue a recurring motif. My little lines that I like to call rain. The rain is raining. The rain is a play on the connotations that derive from the word. There is a type of depression called seasonal depression where one gets down in the winter months when the sun is hardly seen. During this time it is always dark. Dark when one gets up and dark when one goes home from work. The darkness is overwhelming. You cant see the rain when its dark but that doesn’t mean you cant feel it. Of course you can feel it run down your face or drop on your head. Similar to depression and other mental illnesses it isn’t something that you can necessarily see but one can definitely feel.



IMG_1130IMG_1072 (1)


I think the piece is successful because it shows the hard work that has gone into it through all the rain. It’s large and something that looks ‘finished’ which I don;t often do. It is adding a new element to my work which I will continue to work on with my practice. Finishing things. Creating final outcomes.

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